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3 gram size, treats 6 gallons

REDULESS™ is used to reduce sulfur off-odors such as hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, and some disulfides. These odors may be similar to rotten eggs, struck matches, cooked cabbage or rubber.

  • Can increase fruitiness due to reduction in sulfur off-odors
  • Can naturally enhance roundness
  • Has also been shown to reduce phenol-related defects
  • Unique inactivated yeast with biologically bound copper
  • REDULESS should be removed from wine by racking or filtration

REDULESS® is a unique yeast-derived-product with immobilized copper developed to reduce sulphur compound off-flavours. It can be used in white, rosé and red wines.

During the 2006 International Wine Challenge (London, U.K.), 9,000 wines were tested and 7% showed sensory defects. It was concluded that the sulfur like compound defects were related to current winemaking conditions (high grape maturity, long maceration, reductive conditions during white winemaking, types of closures), coupled with poor yeast inoculation preparation and inadequate yeast nutrition.

Immediately after adding Reduless to wine, the product reacts with the sulfur like compounds to eliminate them. Reduless has the advantage of removing the sulfur like compounds without the negative input of usual treatments (e.g., copper sulfate), where negative properties can surface, such as harsh tannins and metallic tastes. After 3 to 5 days contact, the polysaccharides in Reduless® will help to improve wine mouthfeel character. REDULESS® is eliminated simply by racking or filtration.


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