Soda Birch Beer


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Makes 4 U.S. gallons with the addition of water, 8 cups of table sugar, and yeast. For interesting flavor variations, you can also experiment with substituting honey, brown sugar, Demerara, molasses, etc. for part of the table sugar. Contrary to many books or Internet sources, we do not recommend the use of champagne yeast. This can continue to ferment down to 45 degrees F., so chilling may not halt the carbonation of the soda, and bottles may explode. Instead, through experimentation with all of the dry yeasts available to us, we developed a preference for Munton’s Ale yeast. It gets the job done nicely, but slows considerably (or goes dormant) below about 55 degrees F. Also, since exploding bottles are a real possibility with naturally carbonated sodas, we only recommend the use of plastic bottles (especially if children are involved in the making or enjoyment of the soda). As an added benefit, you can squeeze plastic bottles to gauge carbonation.


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