Jockey Box Beer Chiller NON-RETURNABLE.


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Tapping Setup and Keg Stacker not included, but can be purchased here:

A jockey box is a mobile draft beer chilling system built into an insulated cooler. Not needing electrical power and the cooler containing all your ice, makes this system extremely portable and almost mess-free. Beer travels from your commercial or homebrew keg into a cast aluminum vertical temperature reduction unit in the cooler, where it is chilled, and out the faucet, ready to enjoy. A jockey box is a step up from a standard party pump tap. Party taps force regular air into your beer. With this unit you will use your CO2 tank to serve your beer properly.

Ten gallon Jockey Box for chilling kegged beer. Unique design. Thirty pound cast aluminum vertical temperature reduction unit houses 35 feet of stainless steel coil. All connections made with shanks, nuts and tailpieces.

System should be cleaned before initial use and after every use.

Be sure to run beer until it comes out tap, BEFORE adding ice or you risk having the beer freeze inside the unit. For highest efficiency, drain the melt water frequently and make sure ice is in contact with the unit.

Shipping is not available for this item. CO2 tank/regulator and coupler with beer & gas lines required.



Weight 1000 lbs
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 in


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