Infusion Spiral®-Amburana-Light Toast


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The unique shape of these 1″ x 8″ Infusion Spirals achieves maximum accelerated extraction time. Oak flavor is fully extracted in 6 weeks. Withdraw sooner for a milder taste. Two 8-inch spirals in one package.

Amburana (Amburana cearensis) is also known as Brazilian oak, named after the country from which the majority of Amburana trees are grown. It is a wood commonly associated with the aging of a Brazilian spirit, Cachaça, a sugarcane spirit similar to rum. Amburana tends to reduce acidity in a beverage, highlighting more beverage flavor while contributing its own sweet and savory flavors of gingerbread and vanilla. Herbal notes of thyme can also be detected.

Toasting is a process measured in time & temperature, not color. Differences in darkness or lightness of identically toasted woods is due to natural differences in the wood before toasting, such as grain tightness & moisture

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