Hydrometer-Beer and Wine-Annealed Glass


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Our Triple Scale Hydrometer allows you to determine your sugar content in 3 easy to read ways. 

The specific gravity scale measures sugar solids compared to the density of water. This is the scale most commonly used by brewers and winemakers.

The Brix/Balling scale measures the sugar content as a percentage of weight from 0-38%.

The potential alcohol scale determines the potential alcohol content based on the sugar content of the liquid.

A very useful and versatile instrument!

Specific Gravity: 0.990 – 1.170 (0.002 Increments)
Brix/Balling: 0 – 38% Sugar (0.5% Increments)
Potential Alcohol: 0 – 22% (0.5% Increments)

Made in the United States with high quality German glass that is annealed, making the bulb (bottom portion) much stronger than typical products manufactured overseas.

NIST traceable calibration certifies that the lab or manufacturer in question is equipped and able to calibrate equipment to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards and that products by that manufacturer match NIST-maintained measurement standards.


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