Dutch Gold Blossom Hill Honey 60 Pound Bucket


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Dutch Gold’s Blossom Hill Honey captures the nectar from a myriad of flowering trees, shrubs and flowers. Honey bees busily fly from flower to flower returning the nectar from a multitude of blossoms to their hive. All these nectars combine to create a golden, delicate honey that we call Blossom Hill.

Blossom Hill Honey has the light, classic flavor of a traditional honey and is a common substitute for clover honey. Many enjoy the simple sweetness and prefer to use Blossom Hill Honey in vinaigrettes, as a topping, and for infusing.

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What is crystallization?
Crystallization or granulation is a natural process that occurs in honey which aids its preservation. It does not indicate spoilage. Honey is a supersaturated sugar solution out of which the glucose tends to crystallize. Some honeys crystallize quicker than others, depending on the nectar source.

My honey has crystallized. Do I need to throw it away?
No. Crystallization can be reversed by heating. Place the honey container in a warm water bath for a period of time to return the crystals to liquid.

Dutch Gold Honey is True Source Certified to protect our customers by ensuring that it is ethically sourced in a transparent and traceable manner from known beekeepers and brokers; that it moves through the supply chain in full accordance with U.S. law and without circumvention of trade duties; that it carries truthful source labeling, has been tested to ensure quality and handled in a safe and secure manner from hive to table.
Weight 1000 lbs
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 in


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