Dutch Gold Clover Honey 6 POUND


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Clover Honey, is the best known varietal of honey and possesses the largest annual production. From the wide open sweet clover fields, honey bees diligently produce millions of pounds of light, golden Clover Honey during the warm summer months. Clover Honey is a sweet, light honey, with a hint of cinnamon.

What is crystallization?
Crystallization or granulation is a natural process that occurs in honey which aids its preservation. It does not indicate spoilage. Honey is a supersaturated sugar solution out of which the glucose tends to crystallize. Some honeys crystallize quicker than others, depending on the nectar source.

My honey has crystallized. Do I need to throw it away?
No. Crystallization can be reversed by heating. Place the honey container in a warm water bath for a period of time to return the crystals to liquid.

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