Calcium Chloride-2 OUNCE


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Used for water ion adjustments in mashing and brewing.  Calcium is possibly the most important ion to consider in mashing, and helps to acidify the mash initially.  Famous brewing cities such as Munich, Dublin, Dortmund, and Burton-on-Trent have waters relatively high in calcium.  The chloride ion is known to emphasize maltiness in beers.  It is very prominent in the waters of Dortmund, and Dublin and Burton-on-Trent to a lesser degree.  Use sparingly, since overuse can lead to a metallic taste.  This salt is probably most useful when you want to add calcium without lots of sulfate (which would result if using gypsum) or when trying to mimic the water profile of a certain brewing city.

Packaged in a convenient, resealable, reusable and recyclable plastic jar.


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