Breathable Silicone Stopper-for Barrel/Demijohn


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Fermenting Ventilating  Bung .  Widely used by vintners and craft brewers with barrel aging programs.

Made from food grade silicone, these bungs hold securely in place no matter the temperature of storage and can easily be sanitized for sequential uses.

#11 Silicone Bung / Stopper for 14 gallon (54 L) demijohns, 53/60 gallon (200/225 L) Barrels.

TOP               BOTTOM        HEIGHT      
 55.5 mm  47.6 mm  31.7 mm
 2 3/16″  1 7/8″  1 1/4″

A breathable silicone stopper that acts as both a stopper and an airlock. Unique design allows CO2 pressure to escape but keeps oxygen and airborne contamination out. Sometimes called a breather or vent bung.

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in


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